welcome to Poya Sanat co. website.

Poya Sanat Co. initiated its work since 1370, by having experienced personnel specializing in the production and supply of spare parts and power transfer equipment.
Products of the company are mainly used in machine building factories and large industrial enterprises. The products include: Pulleys, couplings, (قرقره ريلي و سيم بكسل خور ، دنده زنجير ، دنده گونيا ، روليك نوارنقاله ، دنده شانه اي ، چرخ صنعتي), each of which includes a variety of sizes which are produced in different sizes.

This Industrial Group is proud to cooperate with factories and engineering companies in various industry sectors Like cement - Mining - Steel – Machine building - Cooling and heating - Petrochemical – livestock- poultry and food processing and packaging, and this is the result of continuous efforts of the group in recent years.

It is noteworthy that the group also provides services such as casting, modeling, lathing, milling, and sheet shaving.

We hope that, with the help of God, we can take active steps to promote the industries of our dear country.